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December 3, 2020

Why One Person Can’t Do All Your Digital Marketing

Successful digital marketing can tap into more than 20 digital tools and services, which is why enlisting a team of digital experts is so important.

One of the biggest misconceptions of digital marketing today is that it’s easy. Most people can do it or at least figure it out. All it takes is a person posting on social media, maybe a few ads or increased local exposure. Sounds simple, right? Yet, if that’s the marketing plan a company chooses, it could soon face a long road of frustration and disappointing results. 

We see it regularly with companies we talk to - they hire a marketing person because they are competent on Facebook, have experience creating some graphics and networking in the community. But they have little to no idea of how to come up with an annual marketing budget for said business. And, in reality, if they have the budget to hire someone, the business is too big for one person to effectively handle all of the marketing. 

Here is how we know - when we meet these marketing people and their employer isn’t around, 9 out of 10 times they say they don’t have the support needed nor the time to create and execute what a successful digital marketing strategy should look like. We could go on about everything else it takes to support the marketing functions of a business aside from the online world, but we will save that for another blog. 

The truth is that digital marketing that generates new business is much more than the typical social media post we scroll by every day. Digital marketing is a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy sharing many channels and communication levels that lead to engagement and relationships. Elements like blogs, SEO, PPC, retargeting, boosting, design, copywriting and, yes, social media, complete the full scope of an effective digital plan. And unless someone has a second degree in robotics and can control time, it’s unrealistic to think one person can do it all. 

All of this is not to say companies with one person or a small staff should get rid of them to hire an agency. Marketing agencies work with internal marketing personnel all the time to strengthen what a company is already doing. In fact, more often than not, this creates amazing results. It makes it easier to understand goals and there is a huge benefit to having someone on the inside that acts as an extension to both sides.  

How It All Works Together

Over 70% of all first time website visitors will leave without taking some sort of valuable action. And only 2.35%-5.31% on average become a customer. So that means they come to your site, poke around, then go look at competitors’ sites or get distracted by their dog or emails, etc. without becoming your customer. You can’t just hope your site made a strong enough impression that they come back instead of going to the competition when they are ready to become a customer. You have to implement a plan to consistently remind them why they should choose you until they are ready, and that means reaching them in multiple ways. 

This is the deal, you can start with one tool like Google ads or social media to try and move the needle for your business. But it’s hard for that to provide enough ROI to make it worth your dime. Consider those as integral parts of a multi-channel marketing program. So even though you would be using other marketing tools, therefore spending more money, it actually becomes a much more cost-effective way to attain growth. ROI is much higher when you have a comprehensive plan. It takes strategic advertising, succinct messaging and consistent branding both online and in the real world to achieve sustainable long-term results. 

Think of a car’s engine. It’s a complex system of electrical wiring, belts, pumps, and a combustion system. Without each properly functioning part, the car won’t get down down the road smoothly, or maybe not at all. Is that the result your company wants when implementing a digital marketing initiative? More than likely, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Why You Need Digital Marketing Experts

Just like an engine, digital marketing relies on all of the moving parts to get your company where you want it to be. This includes understanding the importance and complexities of each digital component—from blogs to SEO—and how they work together to make a difference along the journey of reaching your goals. Let’s face it, in today’s world this stuff is constantly changing and evolving too. That part alone is not something one person can keep up with, much less stay on top of implementing the updates that matter in real time. 

Building relationships with customers, vendors, and other business contacts takes strategic business measures to create rewarding results. Having a team of knowledgeable and skilled digital experts take the wheel helps you get there faster, while allowing you to focus on other important business matters like customer service, quality control, and networking.

BakerWoodward Communications provides a comprehensive digital marketing approach that taps into more than 20 digital tools and services when creating your strategic marketing plan. Professionals who specialize in their specific digital platform simplify the process for your company while promoting the most cost-effective strategies to move your business forward. Digital marketing is what our experts do, delivering true skills to enhance your digital efforts.

Let’s Get the Wheels Moving

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