Web Display Ads and Landing Pages

Web display ads (also known simply as “display”) are graphical ads on various websites that are viewed by your target audience.

They are similar to the billboards you see along highways and interstates, but instead of physical billboards, they’re digital. The goal is to get your brand out there to as many targeted customers as possible, using one of the most affordable mass advertising methods ever created.

Display is made much more effective through the use of landing pages, which are the pages your potential customers end up on after they click your display ad. Essentially, landing pages make the most of your ad campaigns by increasing the conversion rate for any campaign you run.

Why Are Display Ads Effective?

On their own, display ads don’t typically have a lot of success. But when you put them together with eye-catching graphics, motivating incentives, and a landing page that clearly lays out the information your customers are looking for, display can do a lot to earn conversions for your business.

When you run a display campaign correctly, the result is mass brand awareness for your company. That means that once your target market sees your ad online, they already know you who are, which makes it hard for them to ignore you.

BakerWoodward can help you determine whether display ads and landing pages are right for your business. When we understand your goals and your budget, we can make recommendations that will help you get the most ROI out of your marketing investments.

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