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October 5, 2020

What is the Google Guarantee?

Getting your website noticed can be a challenge for any small or local business. Understanding and utilizing the Google Guarantee can help you move it ahead by boosting consumer confidence.

Google Guarantee draws attention to your business online, especially when combined with local optimization for your website.

Google Guarantee hit the market in 2019 after Google rolled out upgraded subscription-based services for profile boosting. When a small local business becomes Google Guarantee certified, it will display the Google Guarantee Badge—a profile marker that works to build consumer confidence for the business. The badge also extends to Google’s Local Pack, which can help local businesses stand out from their competitors. 

So, what exactly does this mean?

Think about this: in a digital world of spam and phony profiles, knowing a business has the Google Guarantee helps reassure customers they are working with a legitimate business, a benefit many would view as priceless.

Once a business is backed by the Google Guarantee, any customers who visit its website through Google and aren’t satisfied with work quality may be refunded for the amount they paid for services. Not only does this help a business maintain its bottom line, but it encourages buyer confidence for the business—a safety net for a better customer experience. 

What is Covered through Google Guarantee?

Google Guarantee covers customer claims up to the amount of the job invoice up to the lifetime cap for coverage—$2,000 in the United States.

To qualify for coverage, customers must book services through Google Local Services. Also, add-ons, future projects, property damages, pricing dissatisfaction, provider responsiveness, and cancellations are not included.

How do I Know if I Have a Customer claim?

Should one of your customers submit a claim, our team will contact you with the details. This includes a chance to resolve your customer’s concerns, while strengthening your business relationship. Once the claim is investigated, Google determines a resolution.

How to Get the Google Guarantee Badge.

Before your business can proudly wear the Google Guarantee badge, you must complete a three-step process through Google. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

#1: Your company must sign up for Google’s Local Service Ads. 

#2: Google performs a background check on your business, screening employees and auditing current ratings and reviews—the longest part of the process. 

#3: Google verifies whether the business is licensed and insured, generally with your business providing proof of insurance and business license.

Boost Your Business

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