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March 1, 2021

Making Video Content Is Easier With These 5 Tips.

Creating video content to promote a business can be intimidating. Following these 5 tips can simplify the process, while prepping your business for progress and profit.

These days it’s not enough to stand by the conventional ways of promoting a business for brand awareness. We are bombarded by so much noise every day that it takes more effort than ever to stand out. A comprehensive multi-touch marketing strategy that compels is the way your brand can cut through the static and outperform competitors. Today’s digital marketing platforms can far extend your messaging for greater reach and higher returns on investment. Knowing how to leverage these channels to your advantage can go a long way in building your brand. 

Adding video content to your digital marketing strategy is an effective choice when working to engage your customers where they are. To heighten visibility for your business, follow these helpful tips to get your message seen and heard, elevating your edge in the marketplace.

#1: Let Video do the Talking

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, you’ve got to keep it interesting. Sometimes reading text on a screen can be boring and cumbersome, while watching a video can be easy and entertaining. Go with the medium that makes learning about your product or services fun. Your audience will thank you with a higher rate of engagement.

#2: Demonstrate Your Products and Services 

Tell a story about your products or services with demo video content. Showing your viewers how to use your products and how they can benefit from them adds value, and piques interest. If you do it in the right way, it will help them make the decision to become your customer. It also makes a connection that ultimately builds trust and loyalty within current customers, bringing them back to your brand again and again.

#3: Add Customer Testimonials

When selling a product or service, tap into your target audience by incorporating customer testimonials in your video content plan of action. YouTube offers plenty of great examples of how businesses do this every day, bringing key buyers to their door to learn whether a product or service they want is worth it. Because they come from real people, user testimonials can be a powerful tool that adds honesty and credibility to your business for easier viewer-to-customer conversions.

#4: Be Relatable

Customers want to see that a business is real and relatable. Sometimes that means showing that you’re human. This can put customers at ease, leading to a more open-minded view for potential conversation. There are plenty of ways to do it, too.  Show video content of how a problem you encountered made you work harder to find a solution. Or introduce viewers to your office or work project, giving a special glimpse of life from your perspective. By making your brand personable, you make it approachable. 

#5: Go Live

Live streaming is the place to be when you want to connect with customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since you’re on camera live with viewers, you can host real-time question-and-answer sessions, the next best place to be when you can’t be there in person. 

Get ready to make video content 

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