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June 19, 2018

Finding Google AdWords Success for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies.

Not sure if Google AdWords works for an industrial or manufacturing company? Read our blog for some helpful advice.

Digital marketing can seem difficult at times, no matter what industry you’re in. Google AdWords is one of the most difficult elements of digital marketing to master — particularly for industrial and manufacturing companies. But the rewards are worth the efforts of a well-managed pay-per-click campaign.

Finding the right buyers in a specific industry can feel like trying to locate a needle in a haystack, but your potential buyers are searching online just like everyone else. Staying in front of these interested customers — especially when they are in a buying or researching mode — is a powerful tool for turning potential leads into results.

Google AdWords provides a great path for finding these potential customers — read further for a closer look.

Mastering AdWords in Industrial Marketing

For those not that familiar with Google AdWords, it’s a method of reaching the exact people looking for your product. Using keywords, companies are able to put their ads at the top of specific user’s Google search results, and only pay when their ads are clicked on.

You can see how this would be convenient for businesses like mass consumer service providers and ecommerce stores. And it’s understandable to be wary about trusting it for large manufacturing items like, say, a custom boiler for a manufacturing plant. Or a piece of technical for a very specific application. But actually it’s just as effective because of the targeting capabilities of pay-per-click ads.

Here are some key things to know about AdWords to have an effective campaign:

  • Understand what your target market is searching for, and how they use the Internet.
  • Create a plan involving multiple ads, ad groups and campaigns.
  • Design audience-specific ads that will engage potential clients.
  • Develop landing pages for your ad groups for the most effective results.
  • Track and analyze your results, and use this feedback to improve the overall campaign moving forward.

Of these key points, we encourage manufacturing and industrial companies to especially focus on steps 1 and 5. Many buyers in these markets will use broad Google searches for basic information, which often allows for a more lenient keyword strategy compared to other types of businesses. 

Tracking and analyzing results is important to know what’s working and what could be improved or even discarded. Having the ability to witness results really puts the power in your hands to manage your PPC budget for maximum efficiency.

Of course, creating specific landing pages is always important for best results — a page that matches your ad content well and includes a strong Call To Action function makes a big difference for an effective campaign.

Making AdWords Work for You

Just like snowflakes, no two companies look the same. This means that creating a digital strategy for your company will require some creativity and practice. There are many different strategies in digital marketing, and AdWords is simply one piece to the puzzle. We recommend using multiples angles to capture the interest of potential customers.

Adwords can be effective for manufacturing and industrial companies for both short-term and long-term sales goals. It’s a great method for acquiring leads to feed into the sales funnel. And AdWords can also support a company’s long-term strategy by keeping interest high among those already considering a product or service.

No matter how your company chooses to use AdWords, it’s important to remember that it’s a process — not always easy but it is rewarding. Interested in pursuing this unique way of capturing interested customers, but still unsure about trying it alone? Contact us for more information on how we can help your company find its hidden fanbase.